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Rock Eupora brings some Southern brewed big time pop made for the big stages.
— Impose Magazine
Bright and infectious, Soon the Sun Will Come is so easy on the ears that it takes a while to notice the depth of Waller’s craftsmanship. His songs are redolent of an optimism that slips over the personal challenges he sings about like a comfortable glove.
— Nashville Scene
Rock Eupora’s self-proclaimed fuzz pop is on full display... showcasing a songwriter with a bright future.
— PureVolume

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“I don’t know how I’m supposed to be real.” 

This confession is how Clayton Waller, the creative force behind Nashville-via-Mississippi band Rock Eupora, opens his self-titled album, due out August 3rd. With two albums under his belt and an established position in the Nashville indie rock scene, Waller has developed Rock Eupora’s sound into a perfect blend of punchy guitars and unforgettable melodies. On the new album, Waller contends with the challenges of a 20-something-year-old searching for his place in the world.

Rock Eupora is simultaneously Waller’s most cohesive and sonically adventurous project to date.
Recorded in a professional studio as opposed to his typical DIY approach, the change in setting allows the depth of detail in each track to be fully appreciated. Seamless transitions weave the songs together in what resembles a stream of creative consciousness — yet, every song tells a story strong enough to stand on its own. With a slight eighties influences and what Waller describes as “psychedelic tendencies”, Rock Eupora makes for a well-developed follow up to 2016’s Soon the Sun Will Come. As is custom for Rock Eupora, the entire album was written, performed, and produced by Waller himself.

Commitment to his craft is what has carried Rock Eupora this far, garnering attention from venerable local media such as Nashville Scene and national outlets like PureVolume. It is evident that Waller really believes every word he’s singing, making it easy for listeners to believe, too. This sincerity is what gives Rock Eupora the ability to connect with people of varying ages and backgrounds, a gift that doesn’t come naturally to all artists.
Rock Eupora comes to life as a full band for live performances, creating a fast-paced and action packed rock show.

Daytrotter Session

Daytrotter Session

In-Store Performance at Grimey's in Nashville TN

In-Store Performance at Grimey's in Nashville TN

Bulldog Bash 2016 – Starkville, MS

Bulldog Bash 2016 – Starkville, MS







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